Say what you want but i swear it dont matter
When i walk in the club there aint nobody badder
See the truth about me your girls a go getter
And when u watch me move it dont get no better

Fresh out the box, im selling a mill
Some people dream it, but i do this for real
I do this for sport, like im ballin on court
You dont want it I promise
You'll see my body contort

Nobody keep your head bobbin quite like me
On the dance floor rock your body like me
Show u how to do it better get like me
So whats it gonna be
Whats it gonna be

Let me see you walk it out
Wa-walk it out
Wa-walk it out lets go
Let me see you walk it out
Wa-walk it out
Wa-walk it out lets go
Let me see you walk it out
Wa-walk it out
Wa-walk it out lets go
Dont talk it out just walk it out
Lets go!

Stop all the talk i aint with all the chatter
What you call competition i just greet it with laughter
Complicated like chess but your more like some checkards
Imma give you some help and let you dance to my records

Imma lay in the cut white you spinnin ya wheels
Dont tell me thats all you got i can do that in heels

20 year worth of trainin been dancing since i was born
All i need is a mic and a stage and watch my body perform.

PS : I abuse the replay button on Agnez Vevo channel . This song is just da bomb

This week i met many great internet marketers,

Dini Rahma Shanti - She is a top leader in Oriflame, and the first ever who do Oriflame business online , and her background before Oriflame is an afilliate marketer, i know her since i join Asian Brain, an internet marketing online learning site.

@webmasterID, He is a twitter celebrity, he teach how to sell and hypnotize people on social media, mainly twitter, very young, 3 years younger then me.

Indra , owner of Urgene clothing, he sells t-shirt, by selling online he reach > IDR 300 million sales per month. *yumm*

My friend Yulia, who co-own,  selling mainly through Instagram , can sell 1000 pcs of high quality softlens per day

Irna, who own @Belajarperancis, and now expand her business to culinary, and also online learning.

And, i also a new fan of Denny Santoso,
At first i thought he is just another motivator or twitter celebrity (its easy being celebrity in twitter, just promote your self) until....... i see his instagram.


His. House. Mind. Blowing.


I wanna have a house like that.
A house that's spacious, comfortable, luxurious...

I love luxury living.

And i know being internet marketer is my way to reach that dream
When i achieve that dream,
I can proudly say :
My feet is still on the ground, Im just wearing a better shoes and live at a better house

I was born in Tabanan,  but i stay in Renon , Denpasar since im a baby...
Renon will always be my home
Everything is so close, 5-10 minutes motorcycle ride.

I can go to office in 10 minutes
I can go to the best outdoor workout place Lapangan Renon for like 5 minutes from home
My favourite coffee shops also within 5-10 minutes ride.
My dream is having a business (wether it gym, yoga club, spa or cafe) in Renon area.

Sometimes, I wish i can stay in Renon forever. But it is an impossible dream. Not because i cant afford to buy a house there, but its because My husband and my family wouldn't agree . Its just impossible. Sigh.

:( I wish i could.

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