Gus Andra is going to turn 3 years old this July,
and.... it is time for preschool!

Time flies super fast, yes?

So, after doing small research on 4 preschool
- Lolly Pop
- Regents School
- Hooray Kid

Our choice goes to... *drumroll*
Hooray Kid!

We choose Hooray Kid because
1. It is in Mahendradatta, 45 minutes driving from our home . Yes, it is quite far, i know, but there's no preschool in Tabanan that qualify my standards.. ;(
2. It match our budget.
3. Very good facilities, it has a very nice class room, swimming pool, large playground, beautiful backyard. Lovely place to play for kids.
4. I love the teacher and nannies in this school. Super friendly and patient to children.
5. Gus Andra is very happy during his trial day, he cant stop smiling and he giggle all day when we picked him up after the trial class.

One thing that i learn, is ...
For every parents who demand very good facilities and education in school for their kid,
there's a price.
Prepare your children education fund as soon as possible,
Plan the budget,
Start investing right now, do not save money in bank , saving money in bank is the worst way to prepare education fund, (due to high inflation rate in education fees,  approximately 20% per year)
Instead saving money in bank, i recommend to buy Gold (zero inflation rate), or invest in mutual funds.

I hire a financial planner in 2011 and she advise us to save Gus Andra preschool funds since end of 2011, and we did it , it just take a little discipline. We forget that we already save money for preschool funds, and we are kinda surprised *in a good way*, wow the preschool funds is ready, and we dont need to take our monthly money to pay school fees. *Yaaay*
(I will write about financial tips that i got from my planner very soon. Stay tune!)

Oh, btw... i plan to start researching for elementary school from now, and look what i found.
This is the fee for one of the elementary international school in Bali.

And this is the video about the school (Green School)

 Hmm.. Most people will say that this is too pricey, and for me YES, it is super pricey, im not a millionaire yet HAHA. Eventhough it super pricey but i still want to research and see the school by my self.  :)
If it worth it, i'll work harder to give my son the very best i can give as a mother.

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