Helllooooow blog!

Im feeling super super excited today!
Finally my broadband internet is back *headbang*

High speed internet and my gadgets (laptop, smartphone, iPad) is my source of income, 
and it's also my tools for having fun and stay connected to the world..
So the past 2 weeks has been so though for me..

Here's what happen :
1. I move back from KS Tubun home to Kediri.
2. Internet broadband in Kediri is switched off during my temporary stay in KS Tubun
3. I call the costumer service, and they didn't sent their technician to my house for 2 weeks *Boooo*
4. My son is sick, and then i got sick (and i have to get infused because i got hipotension. My blood pressure is super low, its 80/60) 
5. My husband and my father in law have to go to Diamond Conference in India (free trip from Oriflame)
6. And theeen, my mother in law is sick and she is hospitalized for 3 days :-(
7. My employee quit working.


So i stucked with that situation, i cant work, i cant go online .... 
Gosh it was frustating!

But situation is surely getting better now....
Slowly but sure my life got back to normal,
Just need a house maid and a baby sitter and it will be super perfect. :)

Im super excited for February , March, April etc because i have gazillions of plan and target to work for....
Lets rock...!

Oh, btw, i got  my self a new phone :p

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. Im superglad that i decide to cancel my iPhone 5 purchase (i already order it at XL Centre..) 2 weeks after canceling, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is out and its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper from iPhone 5. I save 5 million rupiah ;)

iPhone 5 (+/- IDR 8.5 mio) vs Galaxy s3 Mini (IDR 3.5 mio)

Im super satisfied with My Galaxy S3 Mini.

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