1. Eco living
I'm soooo interested in everything Eco friendly now, I haven't put it into actions though.. ;( hopefully pretty soon! As a jump start, I'm joining green mommy network this week..
Im going to take an e-course from them on how to make environmental friendly cosmetics and food products.

2. Going vegetarian and then vegan
I tried once, and it is extremely hard , but the idea of being vegetarian and then vegan always stuck on my mind. Though I always think... One day I'll do it ;(

3. Minimalist life style
Minimalist is a lifestyle where you choose to life with less stuff. I find this idea very interesting .. Less stuff and more space , more life, less clutter. Simple, clean, empty. Zen.

4. Future plans.
- owning an Eco friendly spa and store.
- be a vegan
- be a minimalist

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