I fall from my motorbike on 31st of December.. it just minor injuries but it its quite painful when im walking, so i spent new year in the most boring way ever..., sitting in couch all day , watching TV, and eating grilled meat till midnight and watch fireworks. But im thankful that i have all the family member, my son is super happy to see all his older cousins at home..

I really adore kids..
They can  giggle and laugh all day just by running around the house playing hide and seek.
Damn im jealous.

Im really thankful for 2012,
its been wonderful , a few highlite :

- Im able to buy a new house for new investment and buy my dream car
- Gus Andra is turning 2 years old, and he is super healthy, lovely, although sometimes he drives me crazy because he looove to make mess at home :-|
- Starting a new adventure in online business, thankful for @webmasterID that i know from twitter, he is younger than me but he is just so creative and have this simple yet profitable ways strategy on making money online, it really open my mindset that making money online is super easy .. The only problem left is to get rid of that laziness hahaha..
- Im thankful for my business in Oriflame, despites of the ups and downs, im blessed and i will keep on doing  business with Oriflame,...

And my new year resolutions in 2013 is quite simple,
i only have 3 single big goals this year
1. To have emergency funds (the amount should be 12 times my expenses per month) in my bank account at least December 2013 or faster, money should come from my online business.
2. Start a non profit project. I already figure out how i want it to be, but not into details yet, so i'll update it when its ready.
3. Fulfill my 2013 shopping wish.

So, happy new year everyone :*

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