Whoaaa i feel like im not blogging for yearsss!

I move back to my home in Kediri, but, i leave my office furniture in KS Tubun and haven't move the internet broadband to Kediri. Thats why im not blogging for days...

Today i just wanna share what makes me happy and grateful this week .. Here goes the list :

I am so blessed that during this hectic days when i cant go online and work , my new online business running pretty smooth and the revenue is on target.. God is really generous to me :')
So i made a promise to myself, to donate at least 10% of my company profit, and during 2 weeks, i can donate IDR 1million *YAY* im planning to give this month charity to an SLB (Sekolah Luar Biasa) in Tabanan


Family "mini vacation" to Karang Asem. It was fun and everyone is happy. We tried this restaurant named Lotus, its pretty good and the price is quite affordable.

Able to give training to my downlines in Oriflame, i always love sharing my experiences with them..


Watching Habibie and Ainun with husband, sister, mother in law, and nephew in Beach Walk.. Great movie!


Buy this batik Pajamas for Gus Andra. Its so cheap, only IDR 25k, and only after 30 minutes wearing it, the pants ripped  and my son is saying the cutest thing " Ibu.. Ibu .. Wowok Guh keluar " HAHAHAHA MEGA LOL :)))

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