Todays post is about my business experience.

Since 17 years old, my dream is to be a successful enterpreneur. (Yes, im reading Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad too early :-p)
I join Oriflame, an MLM company , and i really put my heart to this business... And i become one of the most successful leaders here in Indonesia. 8 years, i focus only on Oriflame. But in the 9th  year... ....... I begin doing other business. And i fall in love in online business - particularly online shops. I create my own brand and sell it online

so.. this is my comparison.. based on my own experience....

Pros and Cons, MLM vs Your Own Company


Pros : 
- Everything is already prepared by the company. The system, catalogue, product, marketing plan, etc. All you gotta do is start promoting. Thats it.
- Passive income when your network is already strong. For the past 6 month i can honestly say that im not working at all, only ordering products to claim my bonus and i got paid more than IDR 200 mio. O_o"
- Great travel reward (and also cash awards + luxury car) . in Oriflame they offers luxurious travel reward twice a year for diamonds and up like me, and it is OMG-SUPER-GOOD. Eventhough im able to buy it on my own, but wasting 100 millions for luxury travelling is such a waste of money so this reward is just incredible.
-  The togetherness with team , because you got the same goal (to grow in the business), you work together everyday , you talk the same language between each other..

Cons :
- Too many competitors, and its harder to have Unique Selling Propotion, because there's company's Code of Ethic of promotion, no online selling, can not open shops/store in malls/other potential places. You gotta follow the rules created by company.
- Small commision compared to the sales you produce for company. 4% maximum. Yep. its only 4%.
- Working with hundreds of people ..... means.. more drama. Yes its true. *personal experience*

Your Own Company

- Ultimate freedom. It is your own company. You decide the price, the profit margin, product catalogue, selling rule.
- Because you decide the profit margin, for me its much easier to get money by creating your own company. Way easier.
- For me it less stress. Working with employee is easier than working with  downlines. Employee will say yes to whatever task you give to them. And if they dont, you can simply say : you're fired *Donald Trump style*

- You plan and prepare everything (at least in the very beginning before you can hire a supervisor/manager to replace your job and create a very good SOP) !!!! Products, marketing, sales system, costumer care etc.
- When trouble comes (late delivery from suppliers, etc, no one to blame, you gotta fixed it ! You are the owner)

And with both pros and cons ...... I cant choose just one .... :p
Both are equally good!
Wish me luck everyone :))

Source :

" a study by which calculated that stay-at-home mums should be paid at least US$ 117,000 (S$ 162,000) annually for what they do. They, especially breast feeding mums have been a milk bar-on-demand 24/7, they sometimes tired and feel low, they feel like cows, and they're not joking!. They're also the teacher, mentor, disciplinarian, a lady, a wife, a cook, a friend, a playmate, a cleaner, someone who's picking up after everybody .. all rolled into one. They've given up everything they used to hold dear, in order to hold their loved ones. They're doing all that single-handedly "


If you really want it, you shall find a way
But if you're not, you will find excuses.


Yeah. I know that this month.. it's  Galungan, Nyepi, and my laptop is acting weird. It freeze just when i need to work, but yeah i know.. i know.. maybe i just dont want it bad enough.

I must admit that im in a phase where making 100 million per month is super possible right now and i can do it , i know how to do it, i got a plan that is so realistic and do-able.... but i just not motivated enough.

Im in a what they call comfort zone i guess.... :-p

Arrrgghhh you lazy bad girl! Get up and grab that goal will you! *talking to myself*

2 days ago.. we, Balinese people, celebrate our Saka New Year, by doing "catur brata penyepian",
in short : NYEPI.

This is the day when you "hibernate", this one day, you hit the pause button in your busy everyday life.
On nyepi day, you do Catur Brata Penyepian as follow :
- Amati Geni : no Fire
- Amati Karya : Not working
- Amati Lelungan : Not going out of your house.
- Amati Lelanguan : Not doing something entertaining (watching TV, browse the web etc)

I love the vibe that i felt during Nyepi
Its so serene, peaceful, .. for one day you slow down... and realize that there's so much more important thing to do in life, rather than just increasing the speed.

My favorite moment is in the night...
Stars in the dark night sky.. looks brighter than usual...
Me and my husband.. We sit  on the yard, and stargazing for around 2 hours...

And the sky , the stars, just amazed me.. and it humbled me...

This universe is just..... amazing...
I wonder how is life in other milkyway and other galaxy ....


God is awesome, yes?

Tadi ibu pura2 tidur...
Supaya Tu Gus mau tidur..

And this is what happen ...

5 menit pertama :
Gus Andra guling2, sambil nyanyi2 ..
*ibu masih pura2 merem*


Gus Andra mulai bete, trus teriak-teriak
"ibu.. tolong bangun bu.. Tolong bangun bu.. Udah jam cepuluh bu.. Bangun"
*nahan ketawa* *biasanya ibu kalau nidurin Tu Gus, bilangnya : udah jam sepuluh nak, bubuk yuk*
*masih bisa mingkem dan nahan ketawa*

Gus Andra pantang menyerah, sekarang pakai strategi lain
"ibu .. Gus mau e-e-k..."
*hmm.. seringnya sih boong bilang mau e-eknya.. tapi akal2an aja biar ga disuruh tidur*
*ibu tetep diem*

Kemudian Gus Andra pakai strategi andalan lainnya..
"Ibu.. Gus mau minum cucu..."
*dalam hati* *iih kan tadi barusan minum susu*
*tetep pura2 merem dan tidur pulas*

" Ibu.. Ibu bangun bu.. Gus punya kue banyak.. Punya es klim... Buka mulutnya bu... ENakk enak..."

Ibu ga kuat deh nahan ketawa...

Sebenernya yang anak kecil siapa siiiihhhh O_o kenapa ibu yang dibujuk pake kue dan eskrim???

Gagal deh nidurin Tu Gus ..
Akhirnya Tu Gus lanjut main2 lagi dan bobo ama tu kakyang.


ah.. i love you nak.

i found this beautiful quote somewhere in random Facebook page and... it's totally right.
You know, if you are not a mom yet... and you think being a mom is an easy job. Boy you are sooo wrong...
And im talking about a mom who has no "pembantu rumah tangga" what so ever.

There are days when i feel so ... tired ...
Tired of going grocery shopping almost everyday....
Tired to clean up aftercooking mess
Tired of seing dirty floor... and feeling super exhausted when i cleaned it up...
And tired... to clean up all dirty clothes in all over the room ...
Tired.. to work late night after everyone else is sleeping ...
Tired .. just so tired...... juggling my role as a mom, a business woman, and a leader of huge network of people....

Sometimes i feel that it is just too much and i cant handle it...
But... at the end of the day, i just gotta deal with the fact : Im a mom.
Its my duty.
I have to do it.
I have to put my family happyness and wellbeing ahead of my own.
And i know, GOD is always give extra power to every mom like me!

Okay, enough whining!
Gotta work and wake up early to do grocery shopping tommorow!

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