Agnes Monica is truly inspirational...

The main reason that i adore her, is not about her music, but her courage to pursue her dream.
This is her video from her speech at Global Youth Conference in Bali *yay thumbs up for Bali*, where her latest single with Timbaland will be the theme song for this Global Youth Movement. Yep, Timbaland, the producer who works with Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, etc.


Her speech is sooooo awesome, each of her sentence are like a three point in basketball game. *bam bam bam* Im quite sure if im watching her speech live, i will give standing ovation and clap my hands for hours.

My Favorite quotes :
- Haters gonna hate no matter how good you are. So be the best instead.
- People think that im arrogant, because i dream to win my first grammy. People was like, what do you talking about? you're just Indonesian. Some people hate me because i know what i want, and im not afraid to pursue what i want. For some people knowing what you want in life is arrogance, but for me its confidence.
- When i was dreaming about going international, i bought this huge pink folder, and i start compiling, who i wanna be working with, dancer, singer, songwriters, producers. And the first page on that folder is Timbaland's name. And in 2010 , i have that chance to meet and work with Timbaland, and today 2012 i can release this song with him and this song will be part of this particular global youth movement about making a chance. #awesomeness!!!!!
- Do more than what it takes to make it happen.
and the closing sentence :
Miracle was called miracle because its once, not believed.

BRAVOOOOO *standing ovation*

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