When i was around 20 years old 
i dreamed about being an extremely successful businesswoman,
to own a big company that exist worldwide
to have a private island
to have private jet
to have fancy luxury jaw dropping million dollar sport cars..
to gain worldwide recognition as an successful womenpreneur , make it into Forbes list..

and so on
and so forth...

But, you know, since i read and decide to re-post this article about Dr Teo, the millionaire cosmetic surgeon whom pass away because of cancer, this question always pops up to my mind in the past few days....
I think you, whoever you are, who read this post .. you might wanna ask these question too to yourself.

If im about to die in .. well, let say.. 12 months from now?

Will that goal still be important to me?
What will i do differently?
Will i still doing what im doing today?
What will i do more?
What will i stop doing?

And... im quite surprised that some of my life goals, 
the goals that i thought was important and essential for me...
it's not.
i dont want it anymore.

For example :
- i dont want to build my own big company,12 months is too short to build one, and afterall , i still can make more than enough money (at least it is enough for me), just by being a small online internet marketer/business owner like i am today..

And my answer to my self for those questions are :

If im  about to die, in 1 year from now.. i will spend my last 365 days doing this ....
- Spend as much time as i can, with my son, my husband, my family, and my bestfriends, i wanna tell them that i love them, and their support means the world to me..
- To pray more, being more grateful to God ..
- Travel more..
-  Share my "money making" knowledge and experience for free to those whom interested to be enterpreneur..
- Blogging positive articles, ideas, to the world...
- Designing and creating stuff. ( i love designing, it can be designing products packaging, brochure, website layout, it makes my happy...)
- Doing charity works

And what a realize is...
I used to think , that my goals comes from my self, comes from the heart..
and im surprised, that it is not.

My former life goals when i was younger, comes from what media tells me
it comes from the book i read, advertising that i see, magazines, tv commercial, etc
That i should own this , be this, do that.. In order to be considered successful in life. Back then i was thinking, this life is precious, i have to be super serious and make my life a masterpiece!
And if im successful (financially) , it will make me happier, it make people respect me more, and that is what you supposed to pursue in life. 

But hey, when i ask deeply to my heart.. if you're going to die in 12 months, will you pursue that goals, the answers become very clear..

No, i dont want it.
No, i dont really wanna be that
Its not what important for me.
It doesn't mean that i dont need money.
I need money, i still want to be wealthy. 
But i dont need to be featured in Forbes 
I dont need to be featured in SWA Magazine..
I dont need to have million dollar sportcar or Hermes Bag..
What i achieve today, is more than enough for me.

Well, media is doing a very good job in brainwashing people to buy this, to be that, to have this and that..

I saw a video in Youtube today, how powerful advertising agency power to brainwash people, society,
The video is documentary on how cigarette company works , how they brainwash people to buy toxic that people call cigaretess.

Its the same pattern actually.. Cigaretess equals youth, energetic, it makes you cool, and by being cool, it makes you happier.
The same like other lies, that you need this and that and be this and that, to be happy, that it is the essentials in life.

From now on, everytime i pursue a goal, i will ask, is it really important for me?
I wanna follow my heart..
its my life.. its me.. and i wanna make it meaningful....

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