So currently my home is on renovation, and its been 2 months.
And yesterday i have a chance to choose my wall paintings!

I told my husband that, i own the prerogative right to do home decoration, and decision is on me. Mwahahaha

So here's the decision :
- My bed room  :  lime green. *cheers*, and the interior will be in white, will do a make over for the furniture. I wont buy a new expensive stuff but i think i will paint my old furniture. We'll see how it will look like.
- My son's room : orange. And i want to paint a tree in his room, also buy a car shaped bed if i can find that fits my budget O_o
- Other room : chocolate. well its not the dark one, more like a coffee latte colour.

I am excited to see the result!

Photo updates soon !

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