When i was a kid, i really love drawing ...
I even draw a comic books when i was in elementary school and i really enjoy it..

 I quit drawing when im in high school... 
And since 18 years old i got so busy pursuing my goals to be financially independent, and i forget how fun it is to spend hours and hours designing stuff.

I loveeeeee seing good designs, wether it is a product, a brochure, a website, a magazine, a room, whatever.
When i go to restaurant, i prefer restaurant with great interior design, eventhough their food doesn't taste great. I even buy teen magazine regularly (Go Girl), just because i love the page layout!

I never have the confidence to call my self a designer, but you know, sometimes i got compliment from friends and my family who see my creation.. :)

Below are my works for a friend, they order a brochure design for their new Spa company. When i show them my design, they love it.. they say it looks beautiful. ( yaaay >.< ) They just want to add a frangipani flower drawings in the company logo, and also change the white background colour on top into a cream colour background. This is my first commercial designing project by the way :p 

I really enjoy the process in making this brochure, 
And i dont care about the money , nor the compliments, to be honest : eventhough they dont pay me a penny, i will still do it anyway because it brings me so much joy doing it. :)

Well, i  think i should give graphic design a chance...
You gotta do what makes you happy, right? :)

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