Gus Andra is going to turn 3 years old this July,
and.... it is time for preschool!

Time flies super fast, yes?

So, after doing small research on 4 preschool
- Lolly Pop
- Regents School
- Hooray Kid

Our choice goes to... *drumroll*
Hooray Kid!

We choose Hooray Kid because
1. It is in Mahendradatta, 45 minutes driving from our home . Yes, it is quite far, i know, but there's no preschool in Tabanan that qualify my standards.. ;(
2. It match our budget.
3. Very good facilities, it has a very nice class room, swimming pool, large playground, beautiful backyard. Lovely place to play for kids.
4. I love the teacher and nannies in this school. Super friendly and patient to children.
5. Gus Andra is very happy during his trial day, he cant stop smiling and he giggle all day when we picked him up after the trial class.

One thing that i learn, is ...
For every parents who demand very good facilities and education in school for their kid,
there's a price.
Prepare your children education fund as soon as possible,
Plan the budget,
Start investing right now, do not save money in bank , saving money in bank is the worst way to prepare education fund, (due to high inflation rate in education fees,  approximately 20% per year)
Instead saving money in bank, i recommend to buy Gold (zero inflation rate), or invest in mutual funds.

I hire a financial planner in 2011 and she advise us to save Gus Andra preschool funds since end of 2011, and we did it , it just take a little discipline. We forget that we already save money for preschool funds, and we are kinda surprised *in a good way*, wow the preschool funds is ready, and we dont need to take our monthly money to pay school fees. *Yaaay*
(I will write about financial tips that i got from my planner very soon. Stay tune!)

Oh, btw... i plan to start researching for elementary school from now, and look what i found.
This is the fee for one of the elementary international school in Bali.

And this is the video about the school (Green School)

 Hmm.. Most people will say that this is too pricey, and for me YES, it is super pricey, im not a millionaire yet HAHA. Eventhough it super pricey but i still want to research and see the school by my self.  :)
If it worth it, i'll work harder to give my son the very best i can give as a mother.

Its 1:25 AM im super tired, sleepy, work only half done,
start working in home office at 11 PM because at afternoon i drop my monthly food donation to an orphanage, and at night Gus Andra is super cranky he just wanna play iPad and refuse to sleep *errrrr....

My mind is already thinking that i need to wake up and do grocery shopping at 6 AM in the morning (which is super hard for me to wake up at 6:00 AM, because im still adjusting to new sleeping pattern, i normally sleep at 2 or 3 AM and wake up at 8 AM) making list on what to shop , what to cook, and what job needs to be done tommorow....

 And suddenly i read this quote that in pinned in my pinterest account weeks ago... And it just a great reminder for me to keep my mind in the present moment, inhale , exhale, and just enjoying updating this blog as usual.

 Its amazing how wild our mind is, if you are aware of your thoughts for just 5 minutes, you will soon realize that your body is here, but your mind is travelling everywhere, planning this and that, thinking about the past, about targets, about tommorow, what to do the next few hours, and the list goes on and on and on....

And when you realize that you are not present in the now, the funny thing is... You are in the now.
And in the now there is no trouble
 No pain

Its silence, peace, and tranquility...

isn't it what we want in life?

It is that simple to be happy. If you want to be happy, be.
Stop thinking. enjoy present moment, breathe,...
and take just a simple one minute to feel grateful that you are alive, breathing in that particular moment.


She is Bubz Beauty, a Beauty Guru on You Tube, *like Michelle Phan*
I enjoy watching this video because... i can relate to it..
No, im not an internet celebrity...
But my daily activites is pretty much the same..

 I love being an internet marketer :))

 You're at home, you make money, and life is so flexible...

When im hungry... Just go grab snacks in kitchen , few steps away from home office.
When im bored during work.. i go out of my home office and play with my son , or buy ice cream!
And of course the best part is : i still make pretty good income.. Waaaay above normal working people in office :p

 Love my life!

Back then when i was younger....
I have ZERO knowledge in cooking.

Never touch the kitchen, ever. Ha.
Until i got married.

I didnt really enjoy cooking at first... I was like , "why the heck that i need to do this un-practical thing called cooking. Soooo many steps to do .. You must go to the market to buy all the groceries, cook the rice, prepare , chop this, peel that, and cook, and clean all the mess afterwards. Not to mention that you must wash all that dishes. O_o. Why you dont make it simpler. Buy! and then eat it.

Well ...

After a while... I must admit. I enjoy cooking now.
Its kinda fun and rewarding,
There's a sense of accomplishment,
Feeling like a "real" adult .
Yeah, i can cook.

Not as fancy as the five star restaurant, but all that matter is , everyone at home never complain about the taste :p

One of today's menu : Udang Pedas

And with internet nowdays, learning to cook is even easier..
Just check youtube for cooking tutorials.. From the basic tutorial like : scramble eggs, to Asian food, Indian food, Vegan food you name it, YouTube got it.

I love this channel on YouTube : Hilah Cooking, its really fun to watch

Happy cooking peoplee! :D

Helllooooow blog!

Im feeling super super excited today!
Finally my broadband internet is back *headbang*

High speed internet and my gadgets (laptop, smartphone, iPad) is my source of income, 
and it's also my tools for having fun and stay connected to the world..
So the past 2 weeks has been so though for me..

Here's what happen :
1. I move back from KS Tubun home to Kediri.
2. Internet broadband in Kediri is switched off during my temporary stay in KS Tubun
3. I call the costumer service, and they didn't sent their technician to my house for 2 weeks *Boooo*
4. My son is sick, and then i got sick (and i have to get infused because i got hipotension. My blood pressure is super low, its 80/60) 
5. My husband and my father in law have to go to Diamond Conference in India (free trip from Oriflame)
6. And theeen, my mother in law is sick and she is hospitalized for 3 days :-(
7. My employee quit working.


So i stucked with that situation, i cant work, i cant go online .... 
Gosh it was frustating!

But situation is surely getting better now....
Slowly but sure my life got back to normal,
Just need a house maid and a baby sitter and it will be super perfect. :)

Im super excited for February , March, April etc because i have gazillions of plan and target to work for....
Lets rock...!

Oh, btw, i got  my self a new phone :p

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. Im superglad that i decide to cancel my iPhone 5 purchase (i already order it at XL Centre..) 2 weeks after canceling, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is out and its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper from iPhone 5. I save 5 million rupiah ;)

iPhone 5 (+/- IDR 8.5 mio) vs Galaxy s3 Mini (IDR 3.5 mio)

Im super satisfied with My Galaxy S3 Mini.

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