Back then when i was younger....
I have ZERO knowledge in cooking.

Never touch the kitchen, ever. Ha.
Until i got married.

I didnt really enjoy cooking at first... I was like , "why the heck that i need to do this un-practical thing called cooking. Soooo many steps to do .. You must go to the market to buy all the groceries, cook the rice, prepare , chop this, peel that, and cook, and clean all the mess afterwards. Not to mention that you must wash all that dishes. O_o. Why you dont make it simpler. Buy! and then eat it.

Well ...

After a while... I must admit. I enjoy cooking now.
Its kinda fun and rewarding,
There's a sense of accomplishment,
Feeling like a "real" adult .
Yeah, i can cook.

Not as fancy as the five star restaurant, but all that matter is , everyone at home never complain about the taste :p

One of today's menu : Udang Pedas

And with internet nowdays, learning to cook is even easier..
Just check youtube for cooking tutorials.. From the basic tutorial like : scramble eggs, to Asian food, Indian food, Vegan food you name it, YouTube got it.

I love this channel on YouTube : Hilah Cooking, its really fun to watch

Happy cooking peoplee! :D

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