2 weeks ago i got a request from a friend to create her an e-commerce website for her online shop, and i accept the challenge.
Yep, its a challenge for me becauseeee...I NEVER succesfully create an e-commerce site before. (i only read tutorials about it)

after a few hours of googling, trials, errors,  ups and downs ( i cant barely remember how many times i said F*ck off.. Maaan  whyyyy this stuff didnt work!!!!!!!!!!!)

I finally did it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wooo Hooo

Its 80% ready, just a few clicks here and there, typing some text for How To Use tutorial... and its a wrap everybody!

What i learn from this experience :
- The Power of Last Minute Deadline, does exist. Last minute time will push you to the limit and when you push your self hard enough, you will make it :p
- Never afraid to try new challenge.... If your heart say you can do it, you finally would!

Sneak peek of my work :

I create it with Wordpress, loving the plugins and user friendly interface ... ;)

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