Since im not an employee, im blessed with freedom to choose when to work, and when to get lazy all day ;p
I choose Monday as my day off in a week ( on the other days i usually work  8-9 hours a day)
simply because  (almost) everyone else is working on Monday and it's nice to hang out whenthere's not too many people around.

Today is more special because last week has been a rough week for me, and its really nice to finally refreshed :)

I spent today with my besties, hanging around in BeachWalk, with my new car. Err... I dont like to brag, but  i finally buy my dream car. I named it Black B. Awesome driving experience. Totally!  >.<

Ratih and her cousin Endita 

Erta - Eva - Yulia - eating high GI and lots of calories.  ;p

Watching Breaking Dawn part 2. Not a die hard fans of this series but overall i think the movie is pretty good!

After that, chillin' in Kitchenette with twitter friends from Jakarta who come for a short holiday here..
Super Lazy Lovely Monday!
Feel refreshed and ready for a great week ahead!

Now, lets get back to work people! YEAH!

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