My blessings in 2013 :

* my 2nd pregnancy
After waiting 2 years since we try to conceive , finally she is in my womb.
Semoga lancar ya sayang dan sehat lahirnya selalu

* Gus Andra 3 years old, healthy and happy
Gus Andra already in preschool! how time flies :D
He is so cute right now! And so tall! OMG, everyone think that he is 5/6 year old, yet he's only 3.5 yr old

* 4 years with Hubby
no celebration this year (boo... but we have a very nice - kinda of honeymoon trip in Dubai) but I am thankfull for everyday, he is my number 1 supporter, bestfriend, someone i cant count on and rely on.

* Family's health
Thank you Lord , this year all my parents and siblings is healthy and (most of the time) we are happy . There are times we argue each other of course but most of the days we are very happy :D

* 3rd house
adding 1 more property to my investment portfolio
* spa business runs pretty good. (eventho im such a lazy online shop owner. Looking forward to make it big in 2014!)
* oriflame business stable (eventho im such a lazy upline this year hehehe. I just go back in mood since November LOL :p, looking forward to make it big in 2014 too)

So, 2013... Im grateful


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