Hey hey its week 33 here :)

Last week my husband goes to South Africa, and Gus Andra is sick O_o" so i babysit him for 1 week by myself since he didnt want anyone else except me .

After 1 weeks sleeping for only 4- 5 hours a day and taking care of Gus Andra.. I feel very tired


I find it hard to find comfortable sitting and sleeping position, its hard to do household job (its already feel hard when i'm not pregnant anyway .___.  im not into household work , hehe )

And lately
I really .. really ... really want to move to Denpasar..
My husband agreed... My mother and father in law also seems to be okay (right now)
I dont like living in Tabanan, its so boring here ...
And all my business are centered in Denpasar...
(except teh poci)

Sudah hampir sembuh

Camera 360 face

Being a guest speaker in Internet Marketing Seminar

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