So whats going on in my 1st April of 2013?

This is so random but according to twitter algorithm, im similar to Axl (the founder of Maicih) Wahahaha this is a compliment :p

Yeah, im going to make my company as big as yours dude!
Yoga and gym! (which i really enjoy)

Gym Schedule

Prepare for Kuningan... (Feeling super duper exhausted because there is soooooooo much work to do....)


Family time in Kuta and Seminyak
Do armpit and leg waxing fpr the first time and i am so happy that it didnt hurt as i thought it will be!

Gus Andra in playground inside Beachwalk

Oh, last but not least..... Finally i got my self a new MacBook . SUPERYAYNESS! :)))
Work full speed starting 2nd week of April!!!!!

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